Deca`s Foxhole

This is my personal blog about being a Victim of mind control & electronic harassment…from my personal experience,perception & research…its how I see it from my POV (Point Of View)

Foxhole is a “defensive fighting position” and Yes I do believe we as normal human beings are under attack from various means & methods.
I came to this conclusion from being a victim of “mind control & electronic harassment Technology” and my personal journey in trying to figure out how could this be happening to me…basically this turn my world upside down…made me questioned everything and view the world differently and do a lot of research….But I am not alone there are many other victims out there….plus many others realising the same.
This blog is to give a quick overview of mind control & electronic harassment, share my personal experience and knowledge I have gathered you can easily do that by using the “BUTTONS” at the top of the page …then also look at the bigger picture and current events as they unfold…is what my “BLOGNOCULARS”  blog roll is about.

thanks Deca