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Electromagnetic “shots” heard hitting tin foil


think I figure out what the pop sound is … yes i understand how you can think its one off the nasty men firing a “shot” at you and it pinging”ricocheting” of your tin foil ….but I just don`t see the science behind it …how that would work ???…you just not going to hear electromagnetic waves bouncing of tin foil are you …..but they might cause the two explanations below at first I thought when you talked about it that it was a v2k trick ….but since you have actually recorded it then it is a real noise so lets think how can that be ..I can think of 2 explanations

1)Thermal expansion the tin foil is heating up/cooling down quickly causing expansion/contraction …

Thermal expansion and deformation of aluminum sheet




2) Electrostatic discharge … there is a charge building up in your aluminium foil or opposite charges in different strips ( I don`t think you are earthing it !!!! ) its probably acting like a capacitor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrostatic_discharge http://www.instructables.com/id/Aluminum-Foil-Plate-Capacitor/