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2 TRUTH about gang stalking videos

First of all

“In 1993 Norma Cross and Eleanor White invented the word gang stalking. EleanorWhite is a retired electronics engineer who used to work for the U.S. Army.”

so “gangstalking” is a made-up slang word to describe what they experience/feel/think from a street-level POV …its not actually a properly investigated explanation …also it is seen as a False belief .. so you not even trying to turn a belief into facts and get it legally recognized …but one that already is deemed a false one …GOOD LUCK WITH THAT !!!!!!! so I simply point out how daft and pointless trying to prove “gangstalking” is ….your doomed to failure before you even start what you need is actually a “bird’s eye view” of the situation and understand

physiological impact on the victim (trauma,sleep deprivation,PTSD etc)

effects/symptoms/mind games-techniques of the technology (psychological torture, exposure EMF, deception (misdirection) mind control/conditioning)

consequences of being targeted in a society that does not recognize it (informal/formal social control, stigma )