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DEW ….firing a lot of “energy” at YOU

place a EMF detector next to a digital alarm clock and you will be probably surprised that its emits roughly the same amount of energy …
EMFs — Does Your Bedroom Clock Give Off Radiation? https://youtu.be/wZbcivuUklc
look understanding the technology is very important … again its not the amount of energy but the frequency and modulation again calling it DEW shots ….is misleading and plays it to fear and dread …. they are not “driving by your house and blasting you ” gangster style with dews ….. but running mind games and scripts on you to induce fear and dread and misdirect you they are exploiting your nervous system ….ie. touch a 9 volt battery terminals with your fingers nothing …but touch it with your tongue ….it hurts !!!!!
In “a dramatic demonstration of mind reading, neuroscientists have created videos of what a cat sees by using electrodes implanted in the animal’s brain. ‘Trying to understand how the brain codes information leads to the possibility of replacing parts of the nervous system with an artificial device,’ he said.”1 The scientist com-menting on this technology saw the future possibility of brain activity mapping being used in creating electronic components to replace damaged parts of the system. The use of mind mapping had other possibilities as well. Similar research was pursued by Dr. José Delgado at one of the country’s leading research institutions in controlling the behavior of humans and animals. Actual testing of certain systems proved “that movements, sensations, emotions, desires, ideas, and a variety of psychological phenomena may be induced, inhibited, or modified by electrical stimulation of specific areas of the brain.”2 By 1985, Dr. Delgado was able to create these effects using only a radio signal sent to the brain remotely, using energy concentrations of less than 1/50th of what the Earth naturally produces. This discovery implied that frequency, waveform and pulse rate (modulation) were the important factors rather than the amount of energy being used. In considering this it makes sense because the human body does not require high electromagnetic power concentration to regulate its normal functioning – the key was in finding the “tuning” mechanisms for locating the right “receiving station” in the brain.