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Psychiatry is “a” problem” but it’s not “THE” problem


we are not a “anti-psychiatry movement” … yes psychiatry is “a” problem” but it’s not “THE” problem it’s a boggy marsh /Forrest/mountain basically an obstacle in our path ..the real perpetrators want us to waste our time/be sidetracked arguing with psychiatry, being detained, cost of legal battles with them ..as they can easily field experts and wave paperwork/assessments/reports at us ….a lot of genuine TI`s can simple avoid walk around it, have little to do with them ….fallow a beaten track out of it ….. also being caught up in the mental health system can trigger other agencies like social servis /child protection and also get the police to deal with you from a mental health proticals instead of crimnal ones when you report crimes etc …also it can cause social stigma !!!

Of cause I get it how TI`s are pissed off at mental health/psychiatry I have been sectioned myself many times …

also, we don`t want to be seen/labeled as an anti-psychiatry movement/mental health support group and actually be a magnet for people that’s been screwed over by them or need help/support etc ….we don`t have the resources or expertise …and there are far better groups/ organizations that do https://www.mind.org.uk/ https://www.hearing-voices.org/ http://www.cchr.org/ Also, lets be clear there are people with genuine mental health issues and need professional help and claiming you are a TI does not automatically stop people think you don`t have “mental health issues” its not recognised as a condition you may as well tell your psychiatrist/mental health worker you are not mentally ill because you are Jesus or Napoleon …. mental health diagnoses are normally based on your behavior/ ability to function in society / and how you conform to what is considered as social norms also a big part of that is wether people think you might harm yourself or others …we are not free mental health carers/support workers/advisers we need to prove we are victims of emerging technologies… we need to establish that as fact and get political/legal status and then probably there should be some type of screening/protocols of people in the mental health systems so nobody gets missed ….but we need to prove we are victims and credible first, gain people in authority/expertise political/legal support