max spiers claimed to be a super soldier …and was promoted by miles Johnstone bases projects ……he was not a prominent TI in the community …..only via miles Johnstone you-tube channel

I like Kieran and meet him ….but warned him that miles was going to do a hit piece on the TI community …like the “Confessions of an Alien Abductee” he did for channel four ……a reality type program were it looks at the ” Alien Abductee” and investigates them , not what they claim …..then makes on assertions on why the believe what they they do

when I was involved with ICAACT: International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies …the US side of things got involved with a documentary commissioned by the discovery channel ….and give the production company did an excellent job and did a proper investigation …..but the discovery channel refused to air it…. That was around the same time miles Johnstone started to get involved into the TI situation


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